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Kintsugi Health is about a healthy body and

a healthy mind...

It’s about mending broken thoughts, repairing damaged foundations, and  changing unhelpful habits. Kintsugi Health is about your health story – the good and the not-so-good chapters. We focus on helping you to regain control of your health story.

Our Approach to Chronic Illness 

KIntsugi Health is a multi-disciplinary practice specialising in the management of chronic physical and mental illness. Imagine chronic illness as a fast-flowing river. If you find yourself in the middle of this river, mainstream medicine offers a flotation device to stop you from drowning. Functional and lifestyle medicine looks upstream to find out why you are in the river in the first place. 

We Educate

Knowledge is a powerful tool. There is a confusing plethora of health information available in the public space. We help you separate fact from fiction, and provide you with the latest evidence-based information. Through education you will better understand what it is you need to do to improve your health.

We Motivate

We help you analyse and apply the information you receive to your specific circumstances. This allows you to understand the drivers behind your chronic illness and symptoms, as well as why implementing certain changes will improve your overall well-being. Together we develop a tailored management plan, taking into account your abilities and limitations. 

We Facilitate

Implementing your management plan is your responsibility, supporting you along the way is our responsibility. We touch base at regular intervals to review your progress and talk through difficulties you may encounter. What matters is that whatever changes you make are sustainable in the long-term. We work together to explore how to best do this.

Kintsugi Health Services offer a variety of services including Face to Face Consults, Telehealth Consults, Group Sessions and Online Learning.

Tailored Services


Face to Face Consults

At Kinsugi Health we provide a variety of in-person consults to cater for different needs...

Telehealth Consults

At Kingsugi Health we also offer the convenience of Telehealth consultations...


Group Sessions

Kintsugi Health offers unique small group 'Living Room' sessions for our patients...

Online Learning

At Kintsugi Health we believe in empowerment through education, offering an online learning platform...

At Kintsugi Health we will guide you through the steps of treatment.

Your Journey

At Kintsugi Health we will guide you through the process of initial assessment and the development of a tailored treatment plan. We provide the tools you need to reach your goals, including tailored educational and review sessions, as well as ongoing support.

Our Team

Kintsugi Health has an experienced and integrated team of functional GP's, psychologist, naturopath and other health professionals. We share a holistic, integrative approach to patient care.

Kintsugi Health has an experienced and integrated team of functional GP's, psychologist, naturopath and other health professionals.

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