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Kintsugi Health is about a healthy body and

a healthy mind...

It’s about mending broken thoughts, repairing damaged foundations, and  changing unhelpful habits. Kintsugi Health is about your health story – the good and the not-so-good chapters. We focus on helping you to regain control of your health story.

Our Approach to Chronic Illness 

Chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease, fibromyalgia, and many other conditions  cannot  be cured with medication. They are caused by a complex interplay between our genes, our environment, what we eat, what we do and how we think.

Using the principles of lifestyle medicine, our aim is to help patients change what they do and how they think, to provide a healthier foundation for their health. We apply the principles of functional medicine to repair the imbalances caused by a damaged foundation, and to optimise cell health and function. We acknowledge that emotional and physical well-being are intricately linked, and that behaviour change will be compromised unless we pay attention to both.

Our patients hold the key to their own health and well-being. Our role as practitioners is to facilitate the unlocking of a patient’s own resources through education, counselling, nutritional support and lifestyle optimisation.

We head to the Source


If you are experiencing chronic illness then you may have found yourself in a fast-flowing river. Mainstream medicine offers a flotation device to stop you from drowning. Functional and lifestyle medicine looks upstream to find out why you are in the river in the first place. That's where Kintsugi Health can help.

The Kintsugi Approach is about heading to the source of disease.

This is Your Journey

Patient Centered

You own your story. The journey that brought you to this point in time is unique to you. The combination of challenges you have faced, or are facing, is unique to you. The strengths you have acquired along the way is unique to you. You hold the pen, and you get to decide what the next chapter is going to look like. We are the supporting actors in your story, you are the hero.


Root Cause Oriented

If you had a thorn in your foot that kept making an abscess, would it not be better to remove the thorn than to keep applying a dressing to absorb the pus? Medications are often a necessary, and at times even a life-saving part of a chronic illness treatment plan. But what if you could reduce the number of medicines you take, or reduce the dose? What if you could get better without taking more medications? We treat the root causes of your illness using non-pharmacological interventions. The result is an overall improvement in health, more energy and a general sense of well-being. 


Whole Person Focused

Changing behaviour is hard work. It takes courage, commitment, and perseverance. You need to be in the right ‘frame of mind’ to make lasting changes. Unhelpful thoughts and emotions can upend the best-laid plans and intentions. For this reason we care about your emotional well-being, as well as your physical health.


The Kintsugi Way

The Kintsugi way is about resilience - a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Kintsugi, also known as Kintsukoroi, refers to the ancient Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics with precious metals like liquid gold, liquid silver or gold powdered lacquer. By highlighting the imperfections, the once broken piece is turned into something unique and valuable, stronger and with more beauty than before.


Kintsugi Health is about resilience – the ability to get up and to put yourself back together again when life pulls the rug from under your feet. Kintsugi Health is about a healthy body and a healthy mind – it’s about mending broken thoughts, it’s about repairing damaged foundations, it’s about changing unhelpful habits.


Kintsugi Health is about your health story – it’s about the good and the not-so-good chapters, it’s about taking control of the story line and re-writing the plot. 

Kintsugi Health Services offer a variety of services including Face to Face Consults, Telehealth Consults, Group Sessions and Online Learning.

Tailored Services


'My Health Tool Box'

These programs include one-one-one consults, small group sessions, Q&A, educational sessions and more...

Telehealth Consults

At Kingsugi Health we offer the convenience of Telehealth consultations through our HIPAA compliant portal...

Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis may be prescribed for a range of conditions as part of a comprehensive treatment plan...

Online Learning

At Kintsugi Health we believe in empowerment through education, offering an online learning platform...

Our Team

Kintsugi Health has an experienced and integrated team of functional GP's, psychologist, naturopath and other health professionals. We share a holistic, integrative approach to patient care.

Kintsugi Health has an experienced and integrated team of functional GP's, psychologist, naturopath and other health professionals.

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