Kintsugi Health offer a range of Health Services.

Kintsugi Health Services

At Kintsugi Health's we offer a range of professional services including In-Person consultations, Telehealth consultations, Group Sessions and Online Learning programmes.

Kintsugi Health offer face-to-face consultations for patients with chronic illness.

'My Health Tool Box'

At Kintsugi Health we offer a series of tailored online 'Toolbox' programs that include a combination of one-on-one consults, small group review sessions, regular Q&A sessions, as well as educational packages. These unique programs are comprehensive, group-based, condition-specific programs, structured in terms of content and sequence, providing all the tools that you may need to improve your health outcomes. Current programs include:

Midlife Reset - This program addresses root causes of weight gain, insulin resistance and inflammation, all of which drive diabetes and heart disease. After decades of taking care of others, now is the time to take care of yourself and make your health a priority.


Chronic pain - This program addresses the drivers of chronic pain. We use nutritional and mindset strategies to help you reduce and manage the impact of pain on your life.



Kintsugi Health offer the convenience of Telehealth consultations through our HIPAA compliant patient portal. Medical rebates are available for telehealth GP consults only after an initial face-to-face consult. 

Kintsugi Health offer telehealth consultations for patients with chronic illness.
Outdoors Yoga Class

Medicinal Cannabis Treatment Plans

Medicinal Cannabis is available for a range of conditions. From 2022 Dr Swart is registered as an authorised prescriber for both chronic pain and anxiety. This means a less cumbersome process and a discounted price to clients. At Kintsugi Health, medicinal cannabis is prescribed as part of a comprehensive nutritional and lifestyle treatment plan, never on its own.


Online Learning

At Kintsugi Health we believe in empowerment through education. Our online Kintsugi Health Toolbox courses offer a wide range of educational content which you can access at your leisure. This allows for learning to occur in your own time, at your own pace.

Kintsugi Health offer online learning programmes for patients with chronic illness.

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