Cait Steiner RN at Kintsugi Health

Cait Steiner RN

With her broad range of skills, Cait is a valuable member of the Kintsugi team. In addition to helping out as a clinical nurse, she is also our research champion and the coordinator of the Chronic Pain toolbox programme. Cait is a registerd nurse and midwife. She has worked in a diverse range of settings from small outback clinics in the NT to larger hospitals. 

Cait believes that our medical model of healthcare absolutely has a place in treating illness and injury but in recent years her interest has been veering more towards the functional/integrative medicine model that views health as encompassing every aspect of their lives from the physical to the social and psychological influences on our health. 

Her particular passions are nutrition, movement, and aging well. As she gets older these things become even more important, and one of her goals is to prove that aging does not mean losing function or accepting ‘inevitable decline’.

Her other passion is understanding pain and, particularly chronic pain, and how we can help people in chronic pain to live a fulfilling life alongside managing their chronic pain.

She is an avid skier and worked for many years outdoors in the alpine environment. she loves being outside, going on long walks in our amazing bush, exploring all ways of moving to keep her body strong and healthy. She is also a lifelong learner and feels that everyday is an opportunity to learn something new.